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Le Chateau Le Chateau
The rounded turrets of the French Chateaus were the inspiration for the Le Chateau Bracelet. I was drawn to the architecture of the castles in France while visiting my niece and her husband's family in the south of France. We took a day trip to a lovely small medieval village and walked around the castle walls. When I returned home, I began to try to create a piece with rounded walls. The bracelet is made using Melanie de Miguel's incredible Hubble Stitch and CRAW. The new Hubble Stitch has so many possibilities and has a nice rhythm to it. The bracelet is reversible and embellished with Swarovski crystals and Czech fire polish beads. The piece was designed exclusively for Beading by the Bay in March 2017.

Maggie Meister
Maggie began beading after she took a class at the Shepherdess because she coveted a pair of earrings worn by her son's teacher. After a move to Italy in 1998, Maggie's designs became inspired by the people, art and design from the Pompeii and Vesuvius areas. The beauty of Italian art reflects in Maggie's jewelry as she translates images into jewelry using seed beads with a variety of stitches. Maggie teaches nationally and internationally. She has been published in Beadwork, Bead & Button and has authored Classical Elegance as part of the Master Beadweaving Series by Lark.

Maggie Meister
Southern Sunday Southern Sunday
Bead embroider around a beautiful filigree piece and a handcrafted ceramic donut to create a lovely neckpiece with Swarovski pearls and beads. Teachniques include embroidery, brick stitch, and embellishing

Sherry Serafini
Sherry was voted one of the top 10 instructors in the United States by Bead & Button magazine. She lectures and teaches throughout the world. She has been published and has written articles for several well-known magazines. Her work has been featured on the covers of trade magazines and catalogs and is the co-author of the Art of Bead Embroidery with artist & friend Heidi Kummli and Sensational Bead Embroidery by Sherry Serafini. Sherry's beaded art is known internationally and has been worn by Grammy winner Melissa Etheridge, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, pro golfer Michelle Wie, and singer Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

Sherry Serafini
Pallas Necklace Pallas Necklace
The necklace is named 'Pallas Necklace' after the Pallas Cat (a very funny looking little guy).
The project uses a combination of right angle weave, cubic raw, herringbone, netting, and peyote. It is completely reversible so when worn it can roll around and it will always sparkle. It wears very long. The larger crystal on the end is reversible as well one side has a 27mm Swarovski rivoli and the other is embellished with pearls and has an 18mm rivoli.

Liisa Turunen
Liisa began beading as a hobby in 1994. Since 2006 she has spent her time fully submerged in beads! She has been working professionally as a designer and teacher. Liisa has taught for Bead & Button and Bead Fest. Along with beads, her other major obsession is with cats. Often volunteering in her local shelter and fostering kittens! Cats have been her biggest inspiration in her designing process. And just like cats, her designs are known for being classic, ageless, and graceful....with a few hairballs thrown into the mix. In 2014, Liisa was named one of Beadwork magazine's Designers of the Year.

Liisa Turunen